Dundee Railway Station

South Union Street, Dundee


J & D Pierce successfully tendered for this unique and complex structure which is arched and also curved on plan, at Dundee Railway Station and Hotel.

Their experience with railway projects, working with modular construction offline during the day, allowed them to remove programme hungry possession work. Combined with planned lifts, they utilised two 650 t cranes under possession allowing early completion of the main structure.

The intricacy of the connections, with true pins at the bottom of the arches, left little room for error and required a major temporary works design package. Short term stability was gained using the physics of the structure and temporary thrust blocks prior to the final connection to the bridge below.

The quality of detail, large scale fabrication, and controlled assembly on site in special frames led to the modules joining as planned on site.

1130t of one of the most challenging steel frames J & D Pierce have built.

  • 1,130 t of fabricated and erected steelwork
  • Edge protection system
  • Modular construction
  • Two 650 t mobile cranes
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“With the challenge of working over a live railway, the team showed real precision being able to lift and secure entire structures in under 4 hour windows.”

– Darren Brown, Safety Netting & Edge Protection Manager

Site photographer: James Thompson (UK Construction Photography)