Western HDVC Link

Flintshire Bridge, Wales & Hunterston, West of Scotland


The Western HVDC Link is an undersea electrical link between Wales and Scotland and routed to the Isle of Man providing over 2200 mw of power.  Flintshire Bridge, North Wales is the first of the convertor stations to be constructed, the 2nd part of the project located at Hunterston, Ayrshire will then be completed. These combined projects comprise of large high level valve hall buildings and associated buildings in both locations.

The scope of works being full fabrication of structural steelwork, galvanised steel, off-site applied fire protection and metal floor decking in certain buildings.  Once the structural steelwork frames was complete the insulated profiled metal roof & wall cladding package for the external envelopes of these buildings was then completed. All safety netting & edge protection was installed by our own in house division.


  • 4,000t Fabricated and Erected Steelwork
  • Safety Netting and Roof Edge Protection
  • 95,000 sq m Roof and Wall Cladding
  • Offsite Intumescent Fire Protection Applied at JD Pierce Facility